High Quality Routers Available at the Best Price in Bangladesh

Routers are very common gadgets in our room, even in the offices, workplaces, hospitals, café’s and where not?

Internet connectivity became popular day by day and in 2022, it is the most massive data transfer and communication method. And to spread the power of the internet, WiFi routers are mandatory. We all know What is a router. So we don’t need to elaborate on this topic.

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Some of the best WiFi router Price In BD

Before go for the details sections, here we make a list for you of the best routers in BD in 2022. You can check all of its prices at Gearbuzz.bd.

Types of WiFi Routers – What Kind of Router to Choose?

We are familiar with two types of routers They are –

  1.  Wireless Router
  2.  Wired Router

Wireless Router: You already got its working method through its name, yes these types of routers are totally wireless.

Generally, wireless routers are used to create home networks. It is capable to deliver networks on all home devices. A wireless router is very popular nowadays and used massively for various purposes.

Depending on features, the wireless router price in BD can different. You can find wireless routers in Bangladesh from 900 BDT to 35,000 BDT and more.

Wired Router: wired routers are directly connected with the computer via wires. Generally, these types of routers are used in small workplaces, offices or homes where is a need for separate WiFi access points.

It is not very common today for our daily works, so we didn’t mention any price range for it here.

 Which are the Best Router Brands Available in Bangladesh?

There are many renowned sellers or router brands available in BD. Among them, we must mention the name of these brands here –  Tp-link, Asus, D-Link, Tenda, Netgear, Xiaomi, Mikrotik, Huawei, Mi, TOTOLINK, Netis, Cisco, Google, etc.